Privacy Policy

Nippon Techno Lab. Privacy Policy

1.Basic Concept

Nippon Techno Lab. Inc. is collecting your information within the extent necessary for the smooth operation of the services ( contents and inquiries ) to be provided in this home pages. The collected information may be used to take in the range of purposes only.

2.The scope of information to be collected.

At this site, expect for the below, name and birthday, general information to identify an individual is not collected. Domain names of Internet and IP address, query information in this site, information related to the view of this site may be collected automatically. Cookies ( Server sends to the browser of the user and be kept in the user’s PC, for server to identify the user. ) are limited for the better usage, and does not contain any personal information. Mail address and name, the ordering are asked to fill out for the users of Inquiry mail form. Phonetic and company name, phone number are optional to register.

3.Purpose of use

The inquiries collected in section 2 may be passed to the proper department in the company.
Mail address and name, ordering will be used to answer for the inquireries.

Restrictions of use and provides

In case of disclosure requirements based on the laws and regulations and unauthorized accesses, illegal acts of intimidations, except where other special reasons, we never use nor pass the collected information to the third parties. Except for the purpose of use in section 3. The access information and proposals, opinions, the personal attributes related to these may be processed statistically and be announced with the data and opinions.

5.Measures to ensure safety

The leakage and impairment, damage of collected information will be prevented and secured in proper and necessary management.

6.Scope of application

This private policy is applied only in this site.

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