Solution for auditing, censoring, and authentication printing SPSE

SPSE is a printing solution to extract printed text and images using a genuine printer driver from a printer manufacturer and Microsoft Windows operating system genuine Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor. This printing solution has been employed by more than half of the mega banks and securities companies and by several tens of thousands users in the financial, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries. From its record of use, SPSE can manage 50,000 to 500,000 jobs on average per server and per day and can operate stably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Today, authentication printing is a matter of course. Many customers have thus adopted genuine multifunction authentication printing systems from printer manufacturers. Their function, however, only ensures that employees can safely obtain printed matter and does not ensure the safety of the organization. Customers who believe that even trusted employees represent a risk of printing and leaking important information, regardless of whether they have malicious intent or not, have employed SPSE as a way to prevent information leakage.

Basic functions of SPSE

  • Authentication printing function

    The authentication function can be used as soon as our RFID card reader (supporting FeliCa, FeliCa SSFC, MIFARE, ELWISE, and HID) has been mounted on your printer.

  • Multifunction machine coordination function (contact us for the supported models.)

    SPSE can control the copier, facsimile, and scanner of a multifunction machine in coordination with the authentication function using genuine RFID card readers from the manufacturer of the machine, as well as the print jobs under management of SPSE.
    None of NTL’s applications are installed on the multifunction machine of the manufacturer, so that the application you are using can be used without modification.

  • Printer use record understanding function (MPS)

    The SPSE server indicates how often the printer or multifunction machine you are using is accurately and statistically using SNMP. If a multifunction machine is used, information that directly leads to cost, such as who at which department uses the printer most and the ratio of color prints.

Optional functions of SPSE

  • Text image extraction function

    The details of printing can be accurately understood with Microsoft Windows by directly extracting the printed documents without using OCR. At the same time, the image of printing can be recorded as JPEG or PDF files, and an auditor can view the contents using the SPSE administrator tool.

  • Text image search function

    Extracted text can be managed through original index processing and can be searched by keywords, as well as user or the date/time of printing. As many as 1 million jobs can be searched in several seconds.

  • Anywhere printing function

    SPSE recommends printing with a manufacturer’s genuine printer driver so that the customer can use high-quality printing. An “anywhere printing function” that can print freely even if the printer unexpectedly breaks down or when you are traveling between branch offices is available.

  • Toner saving function

    Today, big businesses have increasingly been required to give consideration to the environment. The toner saving function can reduce the quantity of toner used by up to 75% and therefore can be used by companies for CO2 offset measures.

Supported OS

SPSE server
OS Microsoft Windows 2008R2
Microsoft Windows 2012R2
CPU Intel Xeon Quad or above is recommended.
RAM 4 GB min.
SPSE client
OS Microsoft Windows Vista or later (32 bits/64 bits supported)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later (32 bits/64 bits supported)
Mac OS X (Only authentic printing is supported.)
Linux, Solaris, etc. (Only authentic printing is supported. Contact NTL.)
CPU Dual Core or above is recommended. (Prepare an environment where the OS can comfortably run.)
RAM 2 GB or more is recommended. (Prepare an environment where the OS can comfortably run.)

Price of SPSE

Open price (Contact NTL.)