Inkjet controller Mistral

img_inkjet_controller6 Nippon Techno Lab has supplied OEM products to major printer manufacturers both at home and abroad by using the printer driver and RIP technologies through the development of printers, MFP (monochrome/color multi-function machines), large-size sheet printers (A0/A1), and large-size printers. NTL supplies the best solutions for the development of a controller for digital printing systems using an inkjet head in the digital printing field.


NTL supports digital printing systems (inkjet printers for industrial use) from the standpoint of a software developer by using its inkjet technologies (RIP software and ink supply controller/head driver). The controller unit is the “key” to an inkjet system. An inkjet system cannot be constructed with a head, ink, a conveyance mechanism, and an ink supply restoration system. NTL introduces consultants for constructing systems (manufacturers) and proposes cooperation with them. NTL provides technical assistance, proposals, and development from research and development to mass production of an inkjet system.



There is a good reason why many companies did not succeed but gave up on developing an inkjet system. NTL meets and provides solutions to various requirements of inkjet controllers based on its printer technology.

  1. We prefer company A’s inkjet head but how can we construct a controller?
  2. Possibility of high-speed printing with one path by using a line head for an inkjet printer We want to mount the head to our production equipment after experiment, trial production, and market research.
  3. We want to create a prototype model to examine the possibilities of our inkjet technology and marketing.
  4. We need an inkjet head best suited to our use and a partner for system development.
  5. We want to mount an inkjet line head to our production line. Can ink supply control software and RIP software suitable for us be developed?



NTL can select a head, line head, and ink, and construct a system, based on our printing controller (Mistral technology).

  • Creating a line head → Customization suitable to the necessary printing width will be carried out.
  • Mistral-PDC → Construction of an inkjet control system suitable to a line head
  • Development of RIP software (Mistral) → “Raster data conversion” of print data

Ink will be selected in cooperation with a domestic major ink manufacturer, so that ink suitable for your medium can be supplied.

What is a printing controller?

Advantage: Development period can be shortened and development cost can be lowered, so that the developed system can be actually put into practical use.


  • Support by customizing Mistral (base controller)
  • A lot of experience in developing many various inkjet controllers
  • RIP processing is performed on image data and then data to the IJ head nozzle is converted.



Commercial printer-related

  • Color/monochrome copier (MFP)
  • Large-size printer (A0/A1): Plotter-related
  • Screen printing machine
  • Sign graphics (inkjet serial scan method)
  • Controller for large-size R TO R
  • High-speed 4-color printer (B2 size), etc.

Industrial machines

  • Inkjet line head support

Example of instructions: For details, contact NTL.
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  • A nondisclosure agreement will be concluded for negotiation and the details of consultation will be treated as confidential information and not disclosed to third parties.