Surveillance camera footage integration solution – FireDipper

FireDipper is a completely original surveillance video solution from NTL specializing in mission-critical surveillance of infrastructure. The system performs central control of many network cameras and can distribute camera footage for use for a variety of purposes, such as viewer software that runs on a client PC or a large-scale monitor, and coordinate with an event trigger such as video recording, motion detection, or a fire alarm. The entire software is modularized and can be customized in detail according to the requirements of the customer.

Of course, the camera can support multiple vendors and cameras from different manufacturers can be integrated into a single system. The camera footage supports multiple codecs for use with different video streams. In addition, a transcode (conversion) function that can display the video stream on an image display device (such as a decoder) of a different manufacturer is provided.

In addition, the FireDipper server enables redundancy configuration by using multiple servers and can be introduced into many important facilities that must operate 24 hours and 365 days.

Record of employment of FireDipper

  • Highways (IP integration monitoring
  • International airports (surveillance inside airport, large-scale integration system
  • Nuclear power plants (integrated surveillance in plant, fire monitoring, tsunami monitoring
  • A ministry (monitoring volcanos throughout Japan
  • A ministry (video recording facility for exercising practical skill
  • Police (intersection monitoring
  • Medical departments of universities and hospitals (OSCE support system, consultation room recording system
  • Manufacturing factory (food defense, monitoring of incoming and leaving vehicles, admission gate coordination

FireDipper covered by monthly magazine Project Design, September 2015 issue

Basic functions of FireDipper

Multiple camera vendors supported
Cameras of different manufacturers and models can be centrally controlled by one server. FireDipper allows the use of cameras from different manufacturers because it can centrally control cameras available in Japan. The footage from all cameras connected to a FireDipper server can be viewed, and the camera PTZ can be controlled by one surveillance terminal.
Multiple codecs supported
Cameras and encoders (assigning IP addresses to analog cameras) differ in the video coding method (stream format) depending on the manufacturer and model. If cameras differing in stream format are used, the captured video may not be usable on the surveillance terminal. FireDipper allows the footage from those cameras to be viewable on all surveillance terminals even when different stream formats are used together. At the same time, video can be transcoded (converted) into a specified stream format real-time. (Major video codecs: MPEG2, MPEG2-PS•H.264-TTS (land and transportation ministry specification), MPEG4, H.264, M-JPEG, JPEG)
Sensor-coordinated surveillance
FireDipper allows events to be confirmed without human workers sent to a site in response to an event alarm in coordination with the sensors of separate systems. When an event alarm is issued, camera footage connected to the sensor is automatically displayed on the surveillance terminal PC. The footage from up to four cameras can be connected to the same sensor and displayed at the same time, so that the situation surrounding the installation location of the sensor can be checked in real-time.
Recording setting for each camera
FireDipper not only records camera footage all the time but also sets the recording time of each camera. Recording suitable for a given purpose can be set. In a factory, for example, FireDipper may be set for recording all the time during production line operation hours from 8:00 to 17:00 and recording only when an intrusion is detected (moving object detection event during the other time.
Video viewing access rights
Rights to accessing the FireDipper server to watch camera footage can be limited for each user and installed client PCs. In addition, the administrator can manage the history of operations, such as which user (which client PC) is viewing the camera footage or playing back the recording.

Optional functions of FireDipper

Server redundancy
A mission-critical surveillance system can be made redundant by using two or more FireDipper servers. A one-to-one to one-to-N redundancy configuration can be set up.
Coordination with car number recognition system
The number plate of an approaching vehicle can be captured by an exclusive camera, and the FireDipper server receives the still picture and number (characters) from a car number recognition device. The number is compared to a vehicle information database registered in advance. If the number matches a number in the database, the vehicle is allowed to enter. Scenes of vehicles entering (leaving) are always captured by a vehicle arrival/departure surveillance camera separately installed. A scene of arrival (departure) can be later displayed, and vehicle registration information can be checked on the recorded footage that is played back when the scene is later searched by specifying vehicle information such as a car number or company name. FireDipper can also operate in concert with a vehicle gate bar.
Recording archive function
FireDipper can automatically create an archive on an external recording medium (such as a tape or optical disc). If recorded data needs to be stored for a long time because of security or compliance, a vast volume of storage capacity and cost are required to save the data to a server or disk storage. By transferring the data to an external recording medium, however, not only can you save server capacity but also the running cost such as for power consumption can be lowered.

Supported OS

FireDipper server
OS Microsoft Windows embedded 7
Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
CPU Intel Xeon Quad (x64) or above is recommended.
RAM 8 GB min.
FireDipper client
OS Microsoft Windows 7 pro (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 pro (64-bit)
CPU Intel Core i7 or later is recommended (prepare an environment where OS can comfortably run).
RAM 16 GB or more is recommended (prepare an environment where OS can comfortably run).

Price of FireDipper

Open price (Contact NTL.)