Company Info

Development record

Original products

  • MISTRAL printer controller
  • Image data format converter
  • Japanese postscript interpreter
  • Large-size inkjet printer system control unit and software
  • DVD/BD disk publisher control application iDupli
  • DVD/BD single-drive unit and control software (supporting Windows Server, UNIX/LINUX)
  • Optical disk unit control system Mnemos series
  • Secure print solution (SPSE)
  • IP camera wide-area network concentrated surveillance system FireDipper
  • Client PC monitoring/control software Wise Patrol
  • Personal computer lock, data encryption USB key PC Guard
  • Software copy prevention USB key Copy Guard

Development of systems

  • Development of various OS device drivers (See below for details.)
  • Development of μCPU software for embedding
  • Development of software supporting various operating systems
  • Hotel and inn reservation system
  • Mobile phone sales support and service site
  • Non-bank investment application site
  • Communication satellite transponder system
  • Municipality PR video distribution site
  • CRM system for volume seller
  • Membership information supply site system (credit card radio payment system)
  • Large-scale sound field simulator
  • Hydraulics model test/analysis system
  • Engine order comparison and analysis
  • Life insurance/non-life insurance policy holder information registration search system (many)
  • Next-generation fighter plan fatigue experiment system
  • Wind tunnel experiment data collection/analysis system
  • Power company construction work map distribution system (120 packages)
  • IC-MASK pattern registration search system
  • Communication line routing simulation system
  • Cardiograph monitoring data recording/analysis system
  • Fiber scope image recording/analysis system
  • Image content large-scale distribution system
  • Electronic library system (95SET)
  • Incoming phone call recording database system (600SET)

Development of microprocessor firmware

  • Automobile instrument panel firmware development (many)
  • Gas leak sensor
  • Check, bill, CD recording unit
  • Automobile optical LAN controller development (many)
  • Automobile 32-bit μCPU OS development

Development of basic software such as OS

  • I-TRON transplantation
  • Japanese postscript interpreter (Windows, UNIX)
  • Communication OS Inferno transplantation (SH3, SH4, MAP1000)

Development of device drivers


  • RS/6000
  • SGI
  • NCR
  • OKI
  • HP9000/800 LINKS
  • Free BSD
  • DEC α
  • Windows95/98
  • Windows-NT
  • Windows2000/XP
  • Windows Vista/7
  • Inferno
  • TRON


  • PCI
  • VME
  • SCSI
  • S-BUS
  • IEEE1394


  • GP-IB
  • Tifer-ckamel
  • Various scanner drivers
  • Development of many disk libraries
  • Development of various copier and printer drivers
  • Development of tape array driver
  • Development of PS printer driver