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Business description

Nippon Techno Lab (NTL) is engaged in the imaging and printer controller business for developing and supplying controllers and software for printers and plotters (hereafter collectively called “printers”) for special and industrial use, and the security business for supplying software and solutions to prevent information leaks, developing and supplying remote surveillance software for IP surveillance cameras of many manufacturers, and supplying solutions. In addition, the Company is also engaged in the storage solution business, commissioned development business, and maintenance service business.

Imaging and printer controller business

Content of business

NTL develops and supplies control system software (product name: Mistral) to printer manufacturers that supply printers for special and industrial use and supplies a printer control unit (hardware) with Mistral installed.

Features of business

NTL develops and supplies control system software for printers for special and industrial use as used for special purposes such as in multifunction printers and CAD design site. The printers with NTL’s software are required to provide high precision and high definition because of the special use of the printers. To realize printer output that satisfies high-level requirements from customers, NTL supplies them with all configuration element technologies necessary for control system software, including computer connection control devices, image expansion software, network connection software, image processing software, color synthesis software, scanner input device control software, color adjustment software, data format automatic recognition/conversion software, and inkjet control software. These technologies are the strengths of NTL, and this business enterprise is one of the core business operations of NTL and can be expected to be sustainable and stable. In addition to the above, NTL also develops, in cooperation with inkjet head manufacturers, control units with a newly developed on-demand special hardware processor that controls a high-performance ink head assembly and a print medium conveyance unit, high-speed print data processing (color generation and high-speed RIP processing) unit, and Mistral Multi (software); the Company delivers these products to firms that have a factory requiring painting and printing processes. These systems can print on plastic, printed circuit boards, containers, and films, as well as paper media, and can be used for painting and in a marking system. They can simplify and streamline the production line of a process that was conventionally dependent upon screen printing and silk printing, such as the painting and printing processes. They can also reduce the pollution generating from such processes, reduce stock, and put production information online. As a result, a high-performance printer (painting) line that can also track products can be constructed.

Capital and business tie-up

NTL started capital and business tie-up with Naltec, Inc. in 2013.

Storage solution business

NTL supplies the Bravo series of duplicators that can back up and print DVD and Blu-Ray discs (BD) and data management software (product name: iDupli) that supports the Bravo series. The Company also offers proposals for using these products in a system through integration. In addition, NTL also supplies server connection type DVD/BD supporting single drives and UNIX/LINUX supporting backup software (product name: MnemosXFS). The major end users of these products are companies that handle a huge volume of personal information, government agencies, and medical institutions. NTL supplies these products mainly to major system integrators.

Energy-saving, space-saving green archive iDupli

Security business

Information security

NTL develops and supplies the Secure Print System (product name: SPSE), software that suppresses information leaks from paper documents through IC card authentication; Wise Server, toner ink saving software that reduces ink toner used by up to 50% without degrading the image quality; CO2 Offset Navigator, software that measures and collects information on the power consumption of all printers and copiers a company is using; and secure printing solutions that integrate all the technologies adopted for these products. In addition to the above, NTL also develops and supplies Wise Patrol, software that is installed in the client PCs of a company to centrally manage the newest environment of the PCs and monitor and manage their detailed operations (such as copying and pasting documents); PC Guard and Copy Guard, original products that let USB devices restrict the use of PC terminals (PC lock function), encrypt and decrypt data on a PC, and block illegal use and copying of software; and integration services to authenticate people and restrict viewing and printing of a website with USB devices.

Secure Print System

Video security

NTL develops and supplies FireDipper, network remote surveillance software that supports IP cameras of many manufacturers; integrates systems by constructing new systems; and supplies hardware, such as encoders and decoders, that are used in video monitoring systems.

FireDipper screen

Entrusted development business

NTL develops special software that satisfies the needs of its customers, such as communication-related software, software to be embedded into transportation equipment, and medical equipment software.

Maintenance service business

NTL provides maintenance and customer support to the products supplied by the above business.

Business system diagram