Automatic optical disc mass-production/back-up software iDupli

The software iDupli writes data from a file server to optical discs using an optical disc writing device (duplicator or disc publisher) and prints management information on the surface of the optical discs to automatically produce a large number of optical discs. This software is the best solution for delivering or distributing data via optical disc. It can also be used to create an archive using a Blu-ray medium for long-term storage of data that must be stored over a long time.

Basic functions of iDupli

Supports duplicators of many manufacturers
iDupli supports the duplicators of many manufacturers, as well as Primera’s disc publisher on sale from us.
Write command by a file (job)
An optical disc can be created by writing to a text file (CSV file) the paths to data to be written and the contents to be printed on the disc surface each delimited by a comma and writing the file to a folder checked by iDupli. Because one line of text is equal to one disc, a large number of discs can be created.
Folder capacity monitoring
This function automatically backs up an optical disc when the data capacity in a folder monitored by iDupli exceeds a threshold value. If the data exceeds the capacity of one disc, they are automatically divided and written into multiple optical discs (lobulation calculation function). A management number is automatically printed to an optical disc, which can be identified when searched with a date or data name specified by using the optical disc search function of iDupli.

In addition, a read job function that can read data from an optical disc that has already been written is also available. This function is convenient for converging a CD or DVD disc to a Blu-ray disc. Moreover, functions to issue a disc management ID automatically and create a master and a copy when an optical disc is created are also available.

Optional function of iDupli

Surveillance camera-recorded data backup function
This function is to back up the data of a surveillance camera that has been recorded and saved by NVR each day. The recorded data directory structures of many manufacturers are supported, and the surface of an optical disc is printed by writing data classified by date/time and camera name to the optical disc.
Virus check function
This function automatically checks whether optical discs brought in from or by many unspecified places or people are infected with a virus for those who handle a large volume of data brought in by optical discs. The result of the virus check can be output to a log and stackers to which optical discs are ejected can be separated. For the virus check, virus check software of Symantec is necessary.
Encrypted medium creation function
This function writes encrypted data to an optical disc. For encryption, a format using a specific authentication card and encryption using a USB key such as dongle, as well as AES encryption, can be selected.
Function to check optical disc to be saved for long time
By mounting an archive drive from Pioneer to a disc publisher, the quality of writing an optical disc can be automatically checked. An optical disc that conforms to the long-term storage of electronic data as defined by JIS Z 6017 can be created.

Supported OS

iDupli workstation
OS Microsoft Windows Vista or later (32-bit/64-bit supported)
CPU Intel Core i7 2.0 GHz or equivalent is recommended.
HDD 500 GB min. Mirroring is recommended.
RAM 2 GB min.

Price iDupli

Open price (Contact NTL.)