Tiered storage management solution MnemosNEXT

MnemosNEXT is a hierarchical storage management solution that creates tiers of storage devices consisting of disk storage, tape libraries, or optical disk libraries to provide an integrated storage pool. This solution automatically manages data stored in the tiers of storage based on a policy. The system actively uses disk storage comprising SSD and HDD for data that is frequently used or must be transferred at high speed as long as the data is within the permissible range of the disk storage. Data that is referenced less frequently than before, the permissible threshold value and fixed contents of the disk storage, and data that maintains a long-time value are automatically transferred to archive storage (tape or optical disk) that stores a large amount of data over a long time.

The large-scale archive storage (tape or optical disk) is storage ideal for increasing data capacity and storing data for a long time in an age of information explosion. By using the hierarchical storage, the availability of a system can be enhanced without affecting its response and TCO such as for power consumption can be reduced.

Basic functions of MnemosNEXT

Tiered storage management function
Disk storage of SSD/HDD is used as a disk cache (tier 1) to ensure the performance of transferring frequently used data. The data of the disk cache is automatically transferred to large-scale archive storage (tier 2) through various policies such as the threshold value of a disk cache, date/time that has passed since the final access, and change in data storage policy (Fixed Contents).
Integrated storage pool
A storage device consisting of disk storage, tape library, or optical disk library of various manufacturers will be integrated as a single storage pool and a virtual file system (virtual volume) will be created.
Virtual file system
A virtual volume created by MnemosNEXT in a storage pool can be referenced as a file server automatically, without monitoring, and can be accessed by multiple hosts through a file-sharing protocol such as CIFS and NFS.

OS supported

MnemosNEXT storage integrated server
OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux6 (x86/x64) or later
CPU Intel-architecture CPU (Intel Core i7 2 GHz or equivalent or more)
RAM 8 GB min
Supported devices (archive storage) ■Tape
Oracle StorageTek (LTO/T10000) / HP MSL series (LTO) / HP ESL G3 series (LTO) / IBM TS series (LTO)
■Optical disk
DACAL JumBOX (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) / Panasonic LB series (Blu-Ray) / SONY ODA PetaSite series (ODA) / ASTI Plasmon series (UDO)
Amazon S3 / DDS WOS / Cleversafe
MnemosNEXT client
OS Microsoft Windows Vista or later (32-bit/64-bit supported, MnemosAgent)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later (32-bit/64-bit supported, MnemosAgent)
Mac OS X (management tool only. Contact NTL.)
Linux,Solaris, etc. (management tool only. Contact NTL.)
CPU Dual Core or above is recommended. (Prepare an environment where the OS can comfortably run.)
RAM 2 GB or more is recommended. (Prepare an environment where the OS can comfortably run.)
Management tool supporting browser: Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Safari,Google Chrome, etc.

Price of MnemosNEXT

Open price (Contact NTL.)